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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Step Nr. 2

Lets say that you have already registered with those PTC websites and already started making money. But I am sure you have noticed that making money with PTC websites is slow and the money you make is very small.
So now lets talk about second step. Here we will need our own website. If you don't have it or don't know how to create, you can just start you own blog like I did. Find your self a really good topic to write about! Such like medicine, culture, money or something like that and make a really nice your first post.
But, here is one more thing. We need to get as much as possible traffic to our blog and it is quite simple too. We just have to register our blog with traffic exchange programs such like:
"Easy Hits 4 U"
"The Traffic Truck"
Once your blog got popular and easy to find using search engines register your blog with "Google AdSense" and get some ads on your blog. When some one hits ads on you blog you get paid and you get paid much more than with PTC websites. Great, isn't it?

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