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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Step Nr. 3

If you were doing quite good with first and second steps, now you have earned some money and it is time to move on to step three. Here we will need those money you have earned and we not gone be buying some stuff. We will invest them, because there is nothing better when money makes money! For example:
Yesterday I made an investment of 1.65$ and today I got back 3.75$. This is what I call, when money makes money.
I am sure you want to know what I did, so here it is:
Useing "NeoBux" I made 2$. After that I made a request and got those 2$ instantly to my "PayPal" account. Later on I joined "A.W.Surweys" as they pay 1.25$ for every new member I refer and a PTC website "ClickMonsters" as they offer 5 guaranteed signups for the 1.65$. So the result we get is:
5 x 1.25$ = 6.25$
6.25$ - 1.65$ = 4.60$
Profit 4.60$ after making an investment of 1.65$. Unfortunately my profit was just 2.10$ and there is a reasons for that. One of those two websites might be cheating or maybe two signups didn't actually got as my referrals.
Now you know how money makes money and all you have to do is to look for the good opportunity for the investment.

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